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2012-09-10, 02:47
Thank u very much Ms Shirly for the email n attachments :)! Joshua likes to play w the connection boxes n mozaic patterns blocks. I'm quite surprised how he can make them into different designs himself :).
2012-05-16, 05:57
Untung ada Whale bathbook,Heidi yang shock mandi sekarang tidak lagi,dulu teriak2 dan nangis2 kalo mandi,sekarang ketagihan mandi,benar2 buku favoritenya.
(Heidi,8 months old )
Lia Santoso
2012-05-03, 05:22
My sons are so happy when they play with FEToys products. Pull the strings, Vertex balls, Combination Sticks are very effective toys for their skills development,Thank you FEToys.
2012-03-23, 00:00
FEToys provide us with safe, high-quality, educational yet fun toys (mostly made in Taiwan) which stimulate our children's brain & imagination and affordable to most parents.
2012-03-17, 00:00
FEToys provide You with toys that fun and educate at the same time! Superb Quality! Highly Recommended toys for children, babies and toddler.
2012-03-16, 00:00
Good luck for fetoys.. This website will help each of us in educate children.. GBU ^^
2012-02-25, 00:00
You could find many toys out there but you only can find the true education toys in here. FEToys products are worth it product.It's time to educate children,educators and parents now. Build strong basic...

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